We Offer Flexible Financing Tied to Growth

Provide working lines of credit based on the value of your AR, Inventory and Equipment.

How it Works?

We provide working capital

We provide the financial resources to weather all kinds of storms. We can support your bottom line and provide confidence that you are financially prepared to handle a variety of business challenges.

Turn accounts into cash

Ninety, sixty or even thirty days can mean a world of difference to the cash flow of any business. SFC advances a percentage of its borrowers’ accounts receivables, turning invoices and inventory into cash.

Fast response time

Our decision makers are a quick phone call away. There are no elaborate telephone systems or long online web applications. Your questions can be answered with a phone call to one of our executives 310 820 5222.

Refreshing flexibility

We can break the rules because we make the rules. If we see that you are making a reasonable finance request, even if it is based on not-so-usual circumstances, we’ll consider the loan.

State Financial is a family-owned accounts receivable finance company

Serving the business community since 1967, State Financial specializes in:

  • 1.Quick Response
  • 2.Personal service
  • 3.Non notification
  • 4.Seasonal over advances

SFC helps manufacturers, distributors and service providers who welcome a more personal relationship with their lender. Each and every loan-finance arrangement is personally overseen by Gary, Ed, Luz and the rest of the State team, who can make timely lending decisions and provide a personal business relationship.

We help companies who may be unable to qualify for other financing because they have…

Outgrown current
financial relationship
Suffered recent business losses
or have weak financial statements
Too new or too small
Tax liens or bankruptcy

We help companies for whom Merchant Cash Advance is a bad fit because they have INCONSISTENT CASH FLOW and are GROWING.

State Financial frequently offers financing where other finance companies will not because we evaluate risk differently than most finance companies do. If you are squeezed for payroll, in a seasonal bind or are just looking for some sorely needed working capital, State Financial can help when other finance companies cannot. Give us a call at 310-820-5222 or apply now.

You Planted the Seed… Let Us Help You Grow.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

How is State Financial different from a factor?

SFC charges interest on the outstanding loan,
not the face amount of the invoices.

How does State collect payments?

We get repaid as you collect your Accounts. Availability to borrow and advances keep pace with your sales. Internet lenders take money from your bank account every day regardless of when you receive payments, have to make payroll or pay suppliers.

How is State Financial different from Merchant Advance lenders?

We are look to the future. Internet lenders look at the past. They look primarily at past credit history. We look at where your business is and meet with you to discuss where you hope to take it. We don’t get access to your bank account.

Does State charge a collateral management fee?

No. State avoids the laundry list of fees that so
many lenders charge.

Meet the Team

  • Gary Reiss


  • B. Edward Avalos, Jr.

    Vice President

  • Luz Glickman

    Vice President

  • Imelda Cervantes

    Account Executive

  • Mansy Tabibnia

    Account Executive

  • Keresa Shelton

    Account Executive

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